A wandering tale…

My name is Cora Rose. I am a songwriter, traveler, teacher, producer, and composer. The world keeps me in wonder, and I experience it through song.

My hope is to leave behind a body of work of my own music and collaborative recordings with musicians across the world. Blending cultures and backgrounds, we can show that diversity is beauty and our greatest strength.  

She said: I am a roamer, can’t you see?
Got weathered souls upon my feet
I’m going home across the sea
And every twist along the way, I feel more free

Cora Rose is a singer-songwriter, performer, and producer originally from the USA. She began songwriting at 7, performing at 12, and released her first album at 15. Her work has been used in film, theater, and television, including NBC’s Parks and Recreation and the acclaimed documentary, Taming Wild.  Her first original score garnered an Outstanding Achievement for Best Score from the Druk International Film Festival.  She developed a songwriting workshop program, which she has conducted in schools in both the United States and China for over 14 years. She is currently traveling 30,000 miles across North, Central, and South America with partner, José Luis Vilchez, creating art and music inspired by the Americas.